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Here's a list of movies and television episodes that feature porsches in them.   This list is far from complete, if you would like to add to this list, please e-mail us and we'll credit you if you wish.  And how may you ask did we come up with this list?   Well, before you send accusations of "they have NOTHING to do", Iwill add that we're both movie afficianados with a large laserdisc and DVD collection, and we see a lot of movies...  and we have "Porsche vision" that rivals Superman's x-ray vision!  Superman may have been able to see through a brick wall, but could he spot a green 911 that appears on a side-street for 3 frames of a movie during a car chase?   WE THINK NOT!

Also, note that it may take us a while to respond to your e-mail addition, but we DO reply to every single one. We usually wait until we have a dozen or so movies to add; and then we update this list. In the meantime, keep a sharp eye out!

Enjoy the list!  It's the largest of it's kind on the WWW.

2 Fast 2 Furious - During the big scatter close to the end of the movie , there is a red carrera  turbo

"48 Hours":  Eddie Murphy cruises in a 356 cabriolet.

"A Civil Action":  John Travolta's character drives a 911SC (or possibly an early Carrera).

"Against All Odds":  Jeff Bridges and a nice 911SC.

"Almost Famous": We see a 356 and a 914 [in real life the 356 is owned by Wayne from Pelican Parts!]

"Along Came a Spider": Morgan Freeman's character drives a black 911SC.

"American Gigolo": Bad guy who's trying to frame Julian (Richard Gere) drives black 911

"American Psycho": Check out the black 930.

"A Time to Kill": Sandra Bullock drives a 356.

Are We There Yet ? - At the very begining of the movie when the man is walking to the front door, there is a yellow convertible carrera in the back ground

"Arthur":  Who can forget the 924 race car?

"A View to a Kill ":  Notice the 928 parked next to Rolls Royce that Roger Moore (James Bond) has.

"Bad Boys":  This movie features Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, co-starring is a gorgeous black 911 Turbo S.

"Bachelor Party":  A 911 targa gets a pimp chop-shop treatment.

"Backdraft":  944 gets used as a crash-matress.

"Bait": Very nice black 911.

"Band of the Hand": Burned-out white 911 is in the park across the street from the "house" in Miami.

Bandits: After the first bank robbery, there is a black 911 turbo going in the opposite direction of Billy BOb Thornton's car on the bridge.

"Banzai Runner": A white early 928 with a serious body kit along with another one used for the "high" speed driving scenes appear quite a bit in the film. Also, a 930 is in a another race during the film.

"Batman and Robin":  Why would Batman drive the Batmobile when he has a 550 spyder in his garage?

"Beastmaster 2":  Wild car chase with a red 944S2 cabriolet that also travels between dimensions. They worship the car at the end of the movie.

"Beetlejuice":  Spot the red 928.

"Beverly Hills Cop II": near beginning of movie, det. axel foley watches as kids on bikes ride by and hit parked cars, setting off their alarms. one of the cars was a red 928.

"Beverly Hills Cop III": Axel Foley pretends to be a valet and takes a guy's 968 cab

"The Big Chill":  We see a 911.

"Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey":  The evil Bill and Ted steal a red 911SC and crash it.

"Blade": This Wesley Snipes movie has a 1997 911 Turbo S in it. You can see it when they take the head vampire to the beach to expose him to sun light

"Blow": There's a nice 911 in this movie.

"Boondock Saints": There's a 928 in the background near the beginningof the movie as the main characters are walking across the street.

"Bounce": An early red 944 drives by as Ben and Gwyneth are sitting outside.

"Breathless":  Richard Gere has a 356.

"Bullitt":  Steve McQueen's girlfriend has a 356.

"Bull Durham":  Check out the 911!

"The Cable Guy": when steven is in the parking garage and all the car alarms are going off, they are showing headlights blinking on and off on a bunch of cars, and you see a 944 light pop up and go on.

"Cadillac Man": Robin Williams tries to sell a man a very gorgeous 944 (but it's too small for him).

"Caddyshack":  A partygoer vomits into a 911.

"Cannonbal Run":  I have to confess that this is the movie that started my fascination with Porsches.  Burt Reynolds has a nice garage with 911s in it He does a spectacular job of crashing a brown 935 kit while avoiding a police roadblock. There's also a black 924 and a blue 924 at the Cannonball pub entrance area during the tech inspection. Also in the Cannonball pub parking lot is a white 911.

"Cannonball Run 2":  There is a black 935/widebody 911 turbo kit in the parking lot at the beginning. A black 928 gets squashed by a monster truck, and in the background during that there is a red 928. There is also a white 924 emerging from a parking lot before the gangsters try to grab the car with bumper-mounted "jaws". At the end of the movie that is a white 911 in the parking lot, along with a light blue 91 under the "Congratulations" banner. We also see a dark brown 928, and a blue 911 turbo in the parking lot at the end of the movie.

"Can't Buy Me Love":  Take a look at the 911.

Carpool: There is a red 911 across the street after Tom Arnold takes hostage and drives away.

"Cellular":  the main character steals a lawyers 996 Cab.

"Commando":  Arnold Schwarzenegger gets into a car chase with the bad guy, who has a yellow 911.  He even flips it over and drives it away after it was crashed. We also see a bad guy in a 911 following arnold at one point.

"Condorman": In this Disney movie, The hero is being chased by the KGB through the mountains of Turkey or Greece (can't remember which) by six black, highly modified armored versions of the 911.

"Cool Blue":  Black 911 cabriolet.

"Corvette Summer" A 914 is seen while Mark Hamill is chasing the Singray on the bicycle.

"Crash":  A Beck 550 Spyder replica gets smashed.

"Critters":  Keep your eyes peeled for the 924S, you can't miss it!

"Days of Thunder":  White 928 in parking lot of hospital.

"Deal of the Century":  A 924 gets smashed up.

"Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo":  Deuce dries around in a 996 Cabriolet.

"Dirty Work":  Norm McDonald does a revenge job on a snotty rich guy who has a 911.

"Disney's The Kid": Bruce Willis's character drives a 996. Later in the movie you also see him driving a 356.

The Distinguished Gentleman: In this Eddie Murphy film we see a black 944 outside the house at the beginning of the movie.

"Donnie Brasco":  Take a look for the 928. Al Pacino also "repos" a 911 in this movie.

"Donnie Darko" Donnie's family has a black 911 targa in the driveway.

"Doc Hollywood":  Michael J Fox and a very nice 356.  You may not want to watch what happens to this beautiful car.

"Downhill Racer": There is a gorgeous 911in this movie driven by Robert Redford.

"Dream Machine":  Corey Haim and a 911 cabriolet.

"Dumb and Dumber":  A 911 passes the Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels while they are riding by the road.

"Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story": Bruce drives a red 356C Cabriolet in the film. In real life he had a 1968 911.

"Elixir": After then bachelor party, Jay speeds off in a Boxster.

"The Endless Summer": A 356 is seen in the airport parking lot.

"Enough": Mitch drives a 996.

"Excess Baggage":  We spot a nice 911 in the chop-shop.

"Exit Wounds": There's a nice silver 944 turbo in this Steven Seagal flick.

"Eye of the Beholder": - Ashley Judd driving a '87-'89 navy blue with black interior 928S4, nice side views of the car and a short scene of Ashley driving the car - TERRIBLE audio of the car - sounds like a Mini or something.

"The Fast and the Furious": There is a red 944 at the race track far off in the distance. Squint and you'll see it!

"Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill":  Russ Meyer's busty-chick flick with a nice Porsche 356.

"Flashdance":  Who could forget the 911?

"FM":  Spot the 356 in traffic.

"For Love of the Game":  Kevin Costner's character has a new 996.

"Freddy Got Fingered": There is a silver 993 Cabriolet (maybe a 996 I don't remember for sure which). A valet pulls it up for a customer outside of a restaurant as Tom Green's character walks out of the restaurant.

"Freedom": This is an absolutely incredible movie! A young man steals a silver 911 turbo and blast across the countryside. A MUST SEE!!!

"French Kiss": When Meg Ryan leaves the hotel in Paris (in a Peugot Taxi), there's a blue 911 Cabriolet that you can see.

"The Freshman": There's a really gorgeous 911 cabriolet in this film. You can't miss it (unless you're sleeping).

"From Dusk Till Dawn": there is a 911 Cabriolet at the end. In the movie they say it's a 1990 but it looks a little newer than that.

"Get Carter": A woman at the funeral in the beginning of the movie gets into her 911.

"Get Shorty": You can't miss the 930 slant nose!

"Gone in 60 Seconds": There's a 911 targa outside the motel. Look for it during the big chase finale. It is not too hard to spot.

"Gone in Sixty Seconds":  a 1999 996 gets stolen quite early in movie. There is also a 1961 356 Speedster, a 1997 911 Turbo, and a 1988 959 seen when they are loading the cars into containers. Check this site!

"Good Guys Wear Black": Chuck Norris plays a race car driver and is seen driving a 911 race car and a black pre-1974 911 with a turbo body kit.

"Grand Theft Auto":  A snooty rich boy drives his 911 at high speed through the city and smashes it quite spectacular.

"Gross Anatomy": There is a 944 in the beginning of the movie when Matthew Modine is pulling into the parking lot of school.

"Gumball Rally":  Two ladies in a 911 targa.

"Hannibal": Ray Liotta's character has a silver Boxster S.

"Happy Gilmore": There is a gold/tan 930 that drives by in the background when Happy enters his first pro golf tournament... it is right before the bum starts washing his windshield.

"Harper":  In this 1966 movie, we see Paul Newman (Lew Harper) in a mid-1950s 356.

"Heat":  Al Pacino goes to find his street-level source... which owns a chop shop that chops up 911s.

"Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo":  Herbie races a nice assortment of exotic race cars, including a 911RS.  Though this is a Porsche movie list i must admit that i absolutely adore the exotic Lancia and BMW race cars in this movie too. This movie also features the (in)famous Lazer 917 kit car that is basically a VW Beetle trying to look like a 917... i think it looks more like a Lola T-70, but in either case, it ain't a Porsche!

"The Hidden":  Spot the 928 driven by the good guy. Also note the bad guy drives Ferraris, ha ha!

"Highlander":  Check out Connor's356.

"Highlander II":  Now Connor has a 911!

"High School USA":  .Michael J Fox and Anthony Edwards co-star with a 911.

"Highway Heartbreaker": John Schneider drives a nice red 968 cabriolet. Also check out the 944S2.

"Hollow Man": Kevin Bacon has an awesome Silver 996.

"Hollywood Knights": Besides some really awesome hot rods, there's a 356 hiding in this movie.

"Honey I Blew Up the Kid": Check out the 911.

"How I Spent My Summer Vacation": Shows a man getting into a yellow 911 at his house.

“How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days”: Near the end when Matthew McConaughey is chasing Kate Hudson in the taxi. Well when he goes around a corner before he gets on the bridge there is a Silver 928 in front of him. It looks to be about an ’86 model.

"I'll Be Home For Christmas":  Jonathan Taylor Thomas gets offered a red 356 for Christmas.

"Innocent Blood": We see a beautiful golden 928 driven by Emmanuel Bergman (Don Rickles).

"Jackie Brown":  924S in the mall parking lot while 'Melanie' gets shot.

"James Dean, Live Fast Die Young":  Nice 356s and 550s.

"K9": A silver 928 passes by James Belushi while he is driving around in his 66' Mustang.

"Kamikaze '89": Spot the Porsche in this Fassbinder film. You can't miss it!

"King of the Hill": Harry Hamlin races Dennis Hopper in a modded 356.

"Kingpin": Note the nice 911.

"Kiss the Girls": Morgan Freeman's character drives a 911.

"Ladybugs": Nice 911 targa!

"Landspeed": Nice story line about a Mach 2 landspeed record run. Movie stared Billy Zane. The female lead gets canned from her corporate job and visits the competition's warehouse where they are rebuilding their car. It's what I will call the flower scene as she brings by some flowers for Billy Zane who is recovering from a crash in his landspeed record car. At this point in the movie you get a brief glimse of a 944 spec racer in the back part of the gargae. Car is yellow with car number - you can guess this right - 44. You can see the car in two shots.

"Last Action Hero":  Black 993 in parking lot outside of Blockbuster video store.

"The Last Chase":  Lee Majors plays a Can-Am driver that is in the future where cars are illegal.  He steals a nicely done VW kit car made up to look like a Porsche 917-30.  Very convincing sounds, but the 4-bolt VW wheels give it away.  Aside from that, the thought of driving a Can-Am car across the country and full-out on the highway is kind of cool.

"Legally Blonde": Reese Witherspoon's character drives a Boxster!

"LeMans":  Steve McQueen races in the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France.  We see MANY rare Porsches including a black 911, the "Hippie" 917LH, a few Gulf-Porsche 917Ks, several racing 914s and racing 911s.  Any movie that starts with a 911 is good in my book!

"Leonard Part 6":  Bill Cosby movie with a 928 that gets turned into an armored car.

"Lethal Weapon": Right after they get a hot dog, and right before they go to where the guy is about to jump of the building, there is a red 944 that pulls away in front of them.

"Lifeguard": Be on the lookout for the various 911s. There's also some nice 914s in this "beach" movie.

:"Like Father, Like Son": There is an orange 911 in traffic before the Jaguar's tires get blown out.

"Looker":  A 928 crashes quite spectacular into a fountain.

"Love Potion No. 9":  There's a nice 911 turbo in it, and Tate Donovan's character steals a yellow 550 Spyder and races it to the wedding.

"Loverboy": About an hour and 15 minutes into the movie when the main character, a Pizza Delivery Boy is telling his friend to deliver a pizza to someone or something. His friend is standing next to a 944 and appears to own it.

"Major League 2":  Very nice black 911 turbo.

"The Mask":  Nice 911 turbo in the background outside the night club.

"Mama, there's a man in your bed": this odd french instruction video has a cool red 944 in it owned by a company vice-president.

"The Matrix":  We see a slate gray 944 in the background (time is 1:08.20 on the DVD).

"Mean Guns":  In this Ice T/ Christopher Lambert movie, we see a 944 Cabriolet.

"Mechanics of Desire": This is one of Showtime Network's "Lovelines" and it prominently features a red 944 with solid black wheels.

"The Men" originally titled: "Manner": 1985 Dorris Dörrie film with a very nice Porsche in it!

"Middle Age Crazy":  "Bobby Lee" feels the need to buy a 928 (but don't we all!).

"Mission: Impossible 2":  Tom Cruise chases a silver TT roadster around a mountain road in a black 996 tiptronic cabriolet.

Mr. Magoo:   a red 944 in it can be seen when he's wearing the brides dress.

"Mr Destiny":  James Belushi drives a Beck 550 Spyder and crashes it trying to avoid a dog.  Great car chasing scenes!

"Model Behavior":  This Wonderful World of Disney TV Movie features a silver 550 Spyder.

"Modern Problems": starring Chevy Chase (He's an air traffic controller that gets special powers when he gets hit with nuclear sludge.) One of his friends, a crazy psychologist, drives a late 70's/early 80's 911 Targa.

"Modern Romance": Check out the older 911!

"Money Talks": Spot the gorgeous 914. Also, there is a 718RSK at the auction.

Monkey Shines: The doctor has a 911 slant-nose turbo.

"Multiplicity": A white 1992 Carrera 2 or Carrera 4 drives by on the LA 405 freeway during the opening credits.

"Mystic Pizza":  A 911 cabriolet turns into a very fishy car.

"My Tutor": The tutor's jealous boyfriend drove a blue 911SC Targa which was shown crashing. Don't worry, this was actaully a body kit on a Beetle.

"National Lampoon's Class Reunion":  Yellow 911 in parking lot outside school.

"National Lampoon's Vacation":  We catch a quick glimpse of a 914 in the background when Chevy Chase goes to buy a gun.

"New Jack City": There's a 1-second shot of what looks like a nice 930 sitting outside a club as the male lead walks into the club.

"Night at the Roxbury": A silver Porsche 911 Twin Turbo is driving in front of Mr. Zadir's black limosine!
and a red later model 944 NA is driving by when Will Farrel and Chris Katan are canned by their girlfriends!

"Nine Months":  Hugh Grant trashes his 911.

"9 to 5": two 914s, one silver, and one black, near the hospital scene. The first is driving down a city street and the second is parrked in a dark lot.

"The Ninth Gate":  Check out the Silver 911 in the background at the Chateau.  You can see it better when the "party" gets broken up and everyone is running away.

"No Mans Land":  Charlie Sheen is a punk that has a great time stealing 911s. He also has a gorgeous 924 Carrer GT in the garage!

"Not Another Teen Movie": There is an 1986 Guards Red 944 with polished aluminum phone dials

"The Nutty Professor":  There is a silver 928 parked in front of the club.

"Ocean's Eleven": We see a Boxster right before the SWAT Team pulls up

"Old School": aA red 911 falls off the bridge at the end of the movie.

"Office Space":  features a 911 getting it's bumper ripped off by a careless tow truck driver.

"Opportunity Knocks":  Dana Carvey steals a 911 cabriolet.

"Overdrive":  Steve Guttenberg plays an IMSA race car driver who drives a 911 GT2 race car. kind of a low-budget USA-network kind of movie, cheesy as all hell, but this movie has some of the BEST  RACING Porsches you'll see in any movie other than LeMans.

"Pacific Heights":  Check out the 911.

"Patriot Games":  Anne Archer drives a 911.

"Point Break": Classic surfing/heist film with a cool 356 that can be spotted in it.

"Powerplay" : this Rod Schneider movie starts with him driving a blue 356 convertible.

"Pretty In Pink": This Molly Ringwald "chick flick" has a cool 911 in it.

"Pretty Woman":  Forget the Lotus.. check out the white 944!

"Private Benjamin":  Goldie Hahn has a crush on a guy with a 930.

"Raise the Titanic": Be on the lookout for the 911 turbo!

"Random Hearts" - Harrison Ford, Kristin Scott Thomas.........brief shot of a mid-year 70's model 911 Targa (mint green with silver hoop) on the parking deck at the airport - no driving scenes at all and not a really good movie.

"The Replacements":Guy eating a sandwich shoots up a new 911.

"Risky Business":  Tom Cruise plays U-Boat captain with a 928. Also you see a yellow 911 while they are driving in the 928.

"Romeo Must Die": Black 911 Cabriolet.

"Ronin":  Spot the 928 in the background.

"The Rookie":  Check out the 928!

"Run":  Patrick Dempsey drives a red 911 Cabriolet gets which gets wrecked by construction equipment. During the scene in which he's trying to escape the mall and the police have the area blocked off, we also see a 914 in the mall parking garage.

"Rush Hour": There is a black 928 in traffic in the background during the beginning of this movie while the little girl is singing.

"Sällskapsresan 2 - Snowroller": This swedish movie has a gorgeous white 944 with a built-in mobile phone!

"Scarface":  Al Pacino's character has a gorgeous silver 928, there's a ton of other 928s and 911s in the background.

"Scent of a Woman": While Pacino is walking in the streets of NYC you get a .2 second shot of a Guards Red 944 stopped at a traffic light.

"See No Evil, Hear No Evil": Check out the red 911!

"Selena":  I can care less for the music, but I love her 911 cabriolet!

"Shakedown": This movie with Sam Elliott features several scenes with a red 80"s turbo cab.

"Shampoo": Take a look at the 356 Cabriolet, you can't miss it!

"Shattered": This movie features an early 80's or so Red 911 Targa. It was racing around in the woods on a dirt road too!

"Sixteen Candles":  Take a look at the early 944.

"The Skulls": a gorgeous 996 gets itswindows smashed in.

"SLC Punk": Steveo's father has a 911.

"Sleepless" with Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Pfeiffer. she loses her 911 convertible. You will spot a 914 when David Bowie shows up in front of the hotel.

Snow Dogs - In the begining of the movie the dentist is driving a light green boxster

"Some Kind of Wonderful":  928 is parked outside of a house at the big party near the end of the movie.

"Space Cowboys": Clint Eastwood's character has a 356.

"Speed Zone": Nice 928!!!

"Spy Game": There is a very nice looking 912 in this movie.

"The Specialist":  Gorgeous 968 Cabriolet driven by James Woods.

"Street Fighter II":  This animated movie has a red 911 turbo cabriolet.

"Stripes": They pass a beautiful 911 outside a nice hotel in Germany as they proceed to the RV/secret weapon to go save the rest of the troop in East Germany.

"The Sunchaser": Woody Harrelson character drives a red Porsche 993 when young gangster kidnapped him.

"Sunset Park":  Red 944 parked on the side of the road near the end of the movie.

"Sweet November": Check out the blue Boxster in this movie.

"Thank God It's Friday" Jeff Goldblum drives a white Carrera RS.

"Thursday": There is a red 964-based 930.

"The Green Helmet": During the Sebring race, we see a 356 doing an off-road excursion, as well as a fantastic view of the Porsche mechanics in the pits!

"Thinner": Check out the 928!

"Top Gun":  The lead female character has a gorgeous black 356 Speedster.

"Traffic": Catherine Zeta Jones walks by a silver 1998 Boxster parked outside her house during a party.

"True Lies":  Arnold Schwarzenegger walks by a nice silver 911 at the party in the beginning of movie.

"True Romance":  Spot the 911 slantnose cabriolet.

"The Waterboy":  Adam Sandler's girlfriend steals a 986 Boxster.

"Up In Smoke": Awhite 914 drives in the background outside the club they pump marajuana through the vents in.

"Who's Harry Crumb?": There is an early 911 in the background during a chase scene.

"UHF": This hilarious movie has a 911 drive by in the background.

"Valley Girl: there is a black 356 on the side of the road right as Skip is biking to return Suzie's books.

"Van Wilder": Ther is a silver Carrera Cabriolet outside the school building about 8 minutes into the movie.

"Viva Knievel": The bad guy has a 911 Targa with a whale tail.

"Waynes World 2":  Christopher Walken's character has a black 911 cabriolet.

"Weekend at Bernies": Not only do we see a 911, but we see a golf cart that tries to look like one!

"What Dreams May Come":  A 911 flies through the air and crashes into a truck.

"When a Man Loves a Woman" (1994) - Alcoholic Meg Ryan and dysfunctional husband Andy Garcia pelt a 911
with eggs after the they come home wasted and the Porsche alarm goes off. Don't remember if it was a Coupe or Targa. Excellent movie despite the Porsche trashing!

"White Man's Burden":  Check out the 928.

"Who's Harry Crumb": Red 924 swerves out of the way while John Candy is driving old car and loses brakes.

"Wierd Science":  Who could forget the 928S? I'd chose it over a Ferrari any day!

"Woodstock":  While the concert is being set up, we see a cool white 911 being driven to the concert site by a woman.

"Zapped Again ": Nice black 944 is seen in this movie!

"Zombie Nightmare": This movie was also on Mystery Science Theatre. There is an extended driving scene with a red 944. The 944 drives up to a corvette and revs but they don't show anything about them racing! The next scene he's driving normally again.


TV Shows and episodes:


Batman: Episode #80 "A Riddling Controversy": John Astin as the Riddler. Plot: The Riddlers acquires a "De-Molecularizer" and threatens to demoleculize all of Gotham! Batman and Robin foil this plot, of course, and you can see a light blue 356 tailing the Batmobile for about a minute.

Caroline In the City: A Blue 911 SC Targa driven by the valet backs into a red toyota behind it. Thank god for the shock bumpers and pad... not a scratch on the car.

CHiPs:  episode "Disaster Squad":  Spot the green 911 in the background as the kid on the mini-bike rides down the street.

CHiPs: episode "Family Crisis": A red 911 is on the road directly behind the "movie vehicle" Corvette during the car chase that takes place halfway through the episode.

CHiPs:  episode "High Octane":  Silver 914 on side he time to draw a Porsche rather than a Honda.

Dark Angel: episode "411 on the DL": We see a bit of a red Porsche 911 in the junkyard.

Emergency - the episode where Roy De Soto and John Gage decide to trade cars, Roy's car is a yellow 356 Cabriolet.

Friends: episode "The One Where Rosita Dies": Mr. Gellar uses Monica's boxes to stop flood water from getting to his black 911 Porsche and all her things are ruined.

Friends: episode "The One With Joey's Porsche": Joey finds the keys to someone's Porsche 911.

The Incredible Hulk: episode "Behind the Wheel":  A white Porsche 914 is crossing the intersection while Dr. Banner is driving the taxi cab and on his way to the destroyed gas station.

"Law and Order": not sure the title of the episode, but there's a red 944 across the street while the cops are interviewing a suspect about some racial killings (any help here?).

The Lone Gunmen: episode "Hackers": there's a 996 in the parking lot at the beginning of the show.

La Femme Nikita: episode "No One Lives Forever":  Check out the '98 Boxster, you can't miss it!

La Law: the character "Arnie Becker" drove a white 911 Turbo Cabriolet.

The Simpsons: episode "Insane Clown Poppy": Kursty has a white 911 cabriolet.

Waiting for God: show on PBS in which the female star has a niece that drives a red 944.

Miami Vice: episode "17 Year old, Dead": there's a gorgeous 906 on the street!!!

Miami Vice: episode "Forgive Us Our Debts": Crockett is shown with a 911.

Miami Vice: episode 'Florence Italy', has a 906 and also shows Danny Sullivan in his (hopefully) only acting job and also shows the
Lowenbrau 962 IMSA cars in the 'racing' scenes.

The Pretender: A character named "Miss Parker" drives a black 996 Cabriolet.

Rockford Files - In the first season (74/75), Rockford's attorney friend Beth Davenport (played by Gretchen Corbett) drove a 914. In later years she upgraded to a MB 450SL.

Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld, besides being an all-around cool guy, has around 3 dozen Porsches. There are a lot of Porsche posters in his "apartment" on the show, along with magazines, and other Porsche pictures. There is a Seinfeld episode where Jerry tries to hide from someone walking down the street. He ducks behind the ducktail of an orange RS. That's his own (real) '73 RS. There is another Seinfeld episode where Jerry and George hop in the limo that was waiting for "O'Brien, the white supremacist". While Kramer and Elaine wait on the streetcorner to be picked up, there is a red 911 parked on the street in the background.

Silk Stalkings(USA Network) - For the final season (98/99) Sgt. Cassy St. John (played by Janet Gunn) drove a 986 Boxster as her personal car.

VH1 Behind The Music: The Mamas and the Papas:... Cass Elliot bought an early 911 after she made some money, shot of her getting into it.

Music Videos:

Barenaked Ladies "Too Little Too Late": red 911 seen several times in the background while they shoot the outdoors scene.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince "Parents Just Don't Understand" "would a lunatic have a Porsche like this" (a red 911).

Huey Lewis & The News: 'I Want a New Drug' has shots of Huey driving a yellow 356 Speedster on his way to singing at a concert.

Janet Jackson's "You Want This" has a black 356 Speedster that she's driving in it.

TV Commericials:

1-800-collect TV commercial in which Eve Savealot (Alyssa Milano) drives a black 356 speedster, on a desert road, and stops to help a couple of guys use a phone.

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Special Thanks to the following people for helping us to build this info:

Roland Kunz, Keith Foster, John Bailey, Aubrey Parker, Vic Sunhawk, Richard Ian MacLaren, Ph.D., Bill SaundersBilly B, Bill Kelley, Dorrington E. Williams, Maesert road, and stops to help a couple of guys use a phone.

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Roland Kunz, Keith Foster, Adam Longnecker, John Bailey, Aubrey Parker, Vic Sunhawk, Richard Ian MacLaren, Ph.D., Bill SaundersBilly B, Bill Kelley, Dorrington E. Williams, Mark Hubley, John Hunt, Jerod, Wayne at Pelican PartsDavid Roberts, Scott McLean, Terry Matthews, John Colasante, Zoltan Kiraly, Frank Schuster, Rafal/ RAF944, PenzPorsche, Richard Agnew, Kurt Mickelwait, claymcg, Christopher Lettau, J S, MarkSzabo, Luke Hesprich, Andrew Smallwood, Kris Kipping,Rollins, Keith Foster, James Cole, Frank Wischermann, Nick Hance, Jeremy Hunn, Alwen Languatan, Bruce Taylor, and Anthony Scales.

Also: z-man, macreel, CJFusco, Penz944, fty, Sebastian, EuroSpec944, Eric951, stray15, david944, Ribs, , CrazySOB, divezic, Allldi, cegerer, Blackfoot, Pearldrum, Panzer909, chris924, Gielamonster, Magnus_944, Zoltan, porsche1984944, wannaberacer, Ven, Pearldrum, Zporsche944, mclausen, and acaprez.


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